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Helping Kids Run One Surgery at a Time

CURE International is a Christian nonprofit network of children’s hospitals that provide life-changing surgical care to children living with disabilities. Services are provided at no cost to families and made possible by the generosity of donors worldwide.

Ara Jane

Ara Jane | Philippines


John | Kenya


Nanga | Zambia


Farida | Niger


Maryanne | Kenya


Jocy | Philippines

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5 million patient visits
Over 325,000 surgeries to date.
Zero cost to patients families.
All fair and equal medical treatment.
Millions of children suffer with treatable disabilities because they lack access to medical care. We’re on a mission to change that. Through our global network of children’s hospitals, CURE provides life-changing surgical care to children at no cost to their families. CURE International is a top-rated nonprofit organization.
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For general inquiries, email or call (616) 512-3105.